The Ratings Are Back!

We are excited to report that our Front & Finish ratings are back!  As most readers are aware, last year was especially difficult as we unexpectedly lost the statistician who provided our rating system breakdowns.  Since then we earnestly tried locating another resource, but frustrations mounted in our attempts.  It appeared we would no longer be able to provide this service to the fancy, and very regrettably had given up hope.

We recently received the support of Mr. Dave Pluth of Chaska Minnesota.  Dave completely redesigned a new tabulation system that allows us to resume publication of our ratings.  Due to Dave’s impressive capabilities, genuine efforts, and sincere love of dogs we are now able to move forward and begin publishing the 2013 competition year results.  We wish to extend our most sincere gratitude to Dave for the kindness he has extended to us and the fancy we serve.

~ Robert Self, Editor

Tails Up!

Please also note that you no longer need to go to separate browser addresses to access our issues for different months.  Simply go to to log in and the current issue will always appear first.


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Soon subscribers will be able to choose whether they want to subscribe to our regular digital version (which are viewable through web browsers) OR our new updated iPhone/iPad/Android app.  The new app will allow subscribers to purchase an entire year's subscription instead of buying single issues.  They'll also be able to download issues directly to their portable devices for reading offline!


Stay tuned...  We'll make an announcement here when the apps are ready!

Office Currently Closed

Due to construction at our address we are no longer holding office hours or taking phone calls.  We are still here if you need us but you should email us at if you have any questions.

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