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Front & Finish® is a service for enthusiasts of the canine performance events. Published by H & S Publications, Inc. since October 1971, we are the leading publication service recognized by those in the competitive dog training field. Front & Finish® began as a tabloid newspaper and later converted to a printed magazine format. As the popularity of the Internet grew, we maintained a commitment to provide companion support through our digital publication, website, and Facebook group.


Front & Finish® is devoted to dog training and the associated canine performance events. We cover regional, national, and international canine activities. Our issues contain a wealth of information for novice trainers and advanced competitors alike.  We cover Obedience, Agility, Rally, Field, Flyball, Freestyle, Herding, Tracking, and more.

Front & Finish® is nationally recognized as “The Voice of Canine Performance Events.”  Our writers are nationally recognized authorities on the canine sports, and skilled in their respective pursuits.  In addition to our regular contributors, we strive to include as much submitted information as possible. As such, we encourage enthusiasts to contact us with questions, comments, suggestions, letters, and articles. Only through your voice can our collective interests in the canine performance events remain strong.

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Bob Self



James Crane


Dogs Are Problem Solvers
Connie Cleveland

Playing By The Rules

Catherine Zinsky


Doggedly Obedient

Marilyn Miller


Improving Your

Confidence and Your

Dog’s Performance

Dave Skinner & Ellie Beals


A Foray

Janice Gunn


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