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This page may help you find the answers to frequent questions asked by our subscribers. Categories and questions are listed at the top of this page and answers follow.


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General FAQs

Q: How do I contact you for general questions about your services? A: Please email our office at We answer most questions in the order received. Depending on the time your email is sent it may take a day or two for your reply.


Q: Can I read F&F when I'm not connected to the Internet? A:Yes you can! Our new issues can be downloaded as PDF's. Please note that video and other interactive interactive features may not be available unless you view issues "live" or click links contained in the PDF files while online.


Q: What is the Front & Finish® Facebook Group? A: The Front & Finish® Facebook Group is a way of communicating with other individuals interested in the canine performance activities. You are invited to register for these discussions through Facebook. Becoming a member of our group allows visitors the opportunity to ask questions, make comments, and view responses from fellow list members. Joining is easy and it's free!


Q: What options do you provide in subscribing to your magazine? A: Beginning with the 2011 calendar year Front & Finish® moved to an online publication format. Front & Finish® is published around the first of each month. Front & Finish® now includes many more articles than we were ever able to publish in print. As well authors no longer have restrictions on the length of their articles or content they wish published. Beyond article length and content we are now able to offer interactive features that were not possible in print format. Please visit our subscriptions page for more information on subscribing.


Q: How long after I subscribe will I have to wait to receive an issue? A: Immediately after it is published!


Q: Do you offer group discounts on subscriptions? A: Prior to moving online many clubs subscribed so they could include copies of F&F in their libraries for members to share. Now that we are online this is not possible. Some clubs have computers available for members and they have asked if it is okay for members to view F&F on the club's machine. We have no problem with this! It is important to note however that members won't be able to log in from multiple locations outside the club. If this happens our server will think users are sharing log in information and it will shut down the account. Because of this situation we have launched a discount program that will allow groups to subscribe at a substantial discount. This will allow each member of the group to have their own individual accounts while affording them the convenience of access when and where they want. For more information contact us as We will also post details of our group discount program in the resources section of our site within the next few days.


Q: Can I get a refund for a subscription that I no longer want? A:Subscribers receive access to all available back issues when they subscribe.  Due to this feature we regret that we can't offer refunds for Front & Finish® subscriptions.


Article & Copy Submission FAQs


Q: Can I contribute articles to you for publication? A: We welcome ALL contributions submitted for publication! Since we considered "The Voice Of Canine Events" we encourage letters, articles, and other contributions from the fancy. Only through readership feedback can we provide more content about the canine sports we endorse. F&F provides the largest amount of coverage for any publisher of our kind and we always strive to include as many submissions in each issue as possible. Now that Front & Finish® isn't limited to size and weight restrictions of print publications we can be more flexible in allowing publication of submissions that are written with respect for the fancy. In addition to articles we can also include multimedia content and live links too! Whether you are a novice or pro we want to hear from you! Email us at


Q: How do I contribute articles and other material for publication consideration?

A: For details on submissions and deadlines for publication please download a copy of our Writer's Guidelines.  Do download this file just scroll to the bottom of this page and click the Writer's Guidelines document link.


Q: Are their any special requirements to submit video or other multimedia for publication on your site? A: For details on submitting video and other multimedia for publication, please download a copy of our Video Guidelines.


Rating System FAQs


Q: What are the rating systems published by Front & Finish®? A: Front & Finish® publishes several breakdownsof dog and handler teams competing in AKC obedience, rally, and agility. Each system is tabulated across a given competition year and is based either on scores earned or placements obtained within classes.


Front & Finish® ratings are published in reports that list the top ten dogs ranking highest across all breeds (Top Ten All Breed), the top ten dogs ranking highest within their respective groups (Top Ten By Group), and the top ten dogs ranking highest by breed (Top Ten By Breed).  All dogs tying for given positions (1st through 10th) are listed.


Because our rating systems are comprehensive and detailed nature, we have created a separate section of our website to cover details about their history and individual protocols.  For more information please go to our Rating System page.

Writer's Guidelines
Click this link to download a copy of our Writer's Guidelines, The file will download to your computer in pdf format.
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Front & Finish December Issue - With Video Links
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Front & Finish December Issue - With Embedded Video
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