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One Happy Dog

Rigby Grayheart's Rider On The Storm

Barking Dog Video

Crossbones Dog Agility

Rock Solid Dog Training

Border Collies and Beads

Lionheart K9

The Dog Snobs

Kids Dogs and Rats

Grayheart Weimaraners

Gabe Rocks

Sketcher Scribbles

Northfield Natter

Dogwood Dog Training

The 2-Minute Dog Trainer

Seiju Akitas


Sometimes it's difficult to keep links current.  We'd appreciate notice if you find any of these no longer work.  If you'd like to be listed among our friends send us an email and we will certainly consider your request.








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Bob Self



James Crane


Dogs Are Problem Solvers
Connie Cleveland

Playing By The Rules

Catherine Zinsky


Doggedly Obedient

Marilyn Miller


Improving Your

Confidence and Your

Dog’s Performance

Dave Skinner & Ellie Beals


A Foray

Janice Gunn


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