Front & Finish® Registry Title Listings

Welcome to our Front & Finish title listing pages! Often times it's difficult to know what a particular title stands for or what the dog and handler had to do to earn it. The pages listed below cover all of the titles that can be earned across a variety of differing registries. Just click the links under the appropriate sport of interest. 


This extensive work was put together by Ms. Fran Culler.  A wonderful friend to F&F Fran dedicated many long hours of work researching and cataloging this material.  Since titles are constantly changing and evolving, we appreciate notice if anything appears out of order! 


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2013 RALLY




Exhibitor Comments

About AKC Group Stays



Cathering Zinsky

Dumbells Articles & Gloves


Connie Cleveland

Moving Stand


Lyn Kalinoski

Healing Is "Fun"damental


Marilyn Miller On

Spectators At A Show


 Sandy McMillan

CT Gracie

Another First


Gail Thackray

How Animals Heal Us

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